Stefan Frank

Centre for Language Studies
Radboud University Nijmegen

Erasmusplein 1, Room 6.01

6525 HT Nijmegen

The Netherlands

+31 24 3615491 || @StefanLFrank

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Last update: October 4, 2015
Research Interests

My research interests include sentence and narrative comprehension, computational modelling in cognitive science, computational linguistics,
neural networks, multilingualism, embodied cognition, philosophy of mind, and any combination of these.

Among the things I am currently investigating are the effect of structural differences between languages on comprehension processes, and how probabilistic language models can account for neurophysiological measures of cognitive processing during sentence and narrative comprehension. Previously, I compared different classes of models on their ability to predict reading time data, showing that a sentence's hierarchical syntactic structure is of far less importance than its sequential structure, and studied how reading time on a word depends on its information density. I have also developed a non-compositional representation of the meaning of propositions, and showed how it can be applied in models of inference during story comprehension, the retention of stories, the resolution of ambiguous pronouns, and mental simulation during sentence comprehension. In addition, I studied the application of echo state networks to sentence processing, and investigated to what extent recurrent neural networks display syntactic and semantic systematicity in sentence processing and comprehension.