Reading-time data for evaluating broad-coverage models of English sentence processing

Stefan L. Frank, Irene F. Monsalve, Robin L. Thompson, and Gabriella Vigliocco (2013)
Behavior Research Methods, 45, 1182-1190


The originally published background information file for eye-tracking participants contained one participant whose data was excluded whereas it failed to include one participant whose data was included. This caused a misalignment between ID-number and bakground information for the intermediate participants. Background information of the wrongly excluded participant could no longer be recovered and is marked "NA" in the adjusted information file. Note that this error did not affect the published eye-tracking data in any way.

Under Methods / Eye-tracking / Materials and subjects, the paper claims that subjects were "27 females, 37 native English speakers, mean age = 25.8 years" (p. 1183). This should read: "26 females, 37 native English speakers, mean age = 25.3 years; one subject's gender, nativeness, and age are unknown".