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⟡ Stephan Verwijmeren will present our paper "Simulating event-related potentials in bilingual sentence comprehension: syntactic violations and syntactic transfer" at MathPsych/ICMM.

⟡ "Neural language model gradients predict event-related brain potentials" (preprint) was accepted for the the Society for Computation in Linguistics.

⟡ In July, I'll present the result from the SCiL paper (above), plus some new findings, at a MathPsych/ICMM symposium and in Shravan Vasishth's lab colloquium.


This preprint of "Communicative efficiency in multimodal language" with Beata Grzyb and Gabriella Vigliocco has been up for a while, but it has finally been accepted for publication in Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.

⟡ I'm looking forward to a brief visit to INRIA Bordeaux late April, where I'll take part in a PhD defense and give a talk.


⟡ New preprint: Neural language model gradients predict event-related brain potentials.

⟡ Naomi Shapiro joined the Language Leak project as a postdoc. Welcome!



Here's a new preprint by Yung Han Khoe about The Bilingual Dual-path model: Simulating bilingual production, comprehension, and development


⟡ We're organizing a one-day workshop on Using computational models to bridge between neurobiology, psychology, and linguistic theory.

⟡ I quit Twitter for ever! You can find me on and


⟡ Our paper "An eye-tracking-with-EEG coregistration corpus of narrative sentences" (with Anna Aumeistere) was accepted for publication in Language Resources and Evaluation


Michelle Suijkerbuijk's paper about wh-island constraints in LSTMs is accepted for a poster at the SCiL conference.

⟡ Two conference talks about modelling N400/P600 effects in L2 comprehension: Stephan Verwijmeren will present this work at ICCM, and I will give a talk about it at AMLaP.


⟡ I will give an online talk about the Bilingual Dual-Path model at the International Symposium of Bilingualsm in June, and Stephan Verwijmeren will present an online poster about his model of N400/P600 effects in L2 comprehension.

Kars Ligtenberg started as a PhD student in my NWO-funded project The statistics of language as a novel window into the multilingual mind

⟡ We have a postdoc vacancy to work on models of bilingual sentence processing, application deadline is March 19.

⟡ I started this News section!